The Inn at Avila Beach

the facts

A little bit of history. A little bit of fact. No, you will not be quizzed at the end of your stay.

• History Class

Many say “I’ve never been to the new Avila Beach. I’m only used to the old Avila.” But what exactly was the old Avila?

Avila Beach was established in the latter half of the 19th century, when it served as the main shipping port for San Luis Obispo. Although Avila still has a working commercial fishing pier, it is not as expansive as it once was. There are some historical structures still remaining; among the oldest is the Point San Luis Lighthouse, built in 1890 after a series of shipping accidents.

In the late 1990s, Unocal began deconstructing what is known as the “old Avila,” which is just the four blocks of the commercial and beach area that you see today. Corroding pipes under the town were discovered years before, and after a multi-million dollar settlement, Unocal agreed to rebuild Avila. The commercial parts of town were razed as a result of this oil leak. This construction led the way to the “new Avila.”

  • Come Enjoy the Sunshine

Did you know Avila Beach is the warmest beach on the Central Coast? This south-facing beach is protected by the cold passing ocean winds because of its location, nestled in the San Luis Bay.

  • I see London, I see France. I see you in your underpants! (Or not?)

One of only 9 nude beaches in all of California is located right in Avila. Off Cave Landing Road, Pirate’s Cove is one of the more controversial beaches on the Central Coast. Although you have to hike down an unpaved walkway to get to this clothing-optional beach, it hosts some of the nicest views (no pun intended) of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Ahoy, matey!

Before there was a road to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Avila used to be a main shipping stop for steam ships when delivering goods to the Central Coast. The original Custom House was the entry point for all the shipped goods. These same piers are still in existence, although they have been rebuilt over the years due to natural wear and tear from the seawater and the weather.

  • A Movie Set?

Before the renovation of Avila was done, it was the primary shooting location for the 1979 film California Dreaming, which starred Dennis Christopher, Glynnis O’Conner, and Seymour Cassel.

  • What do the Super Bowl and Avila Beach have in common?

No, the Super Bowl was never hosted on our beach sand, but the Avila Beach Pier was featured in a tire commercial for Bridgestone Tires that aired during the 2010 Super Bowl. Here is our thirty seconds of glory: Click It .


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