The Inn at Avila Beach

the beaches

Beaches. We all love them. Luckily, Avila Beach has three of these little sandy gems.


Avila’s Beach

The main beach, right outside our front door and the one our rooftop overlooks, is Avila’s beach. Surrounded by the pier on both sides, this beach is the most popular for sunbathers, football players, and people watchers.

Lather up on sunscreen…it’s also the warmest beach.


Hartford Beach

Travel a little further down San Luis Bay Drive, and you’ll run into Hartford Beach.

Dog beach by day, and bonfire beach by night, this is every locals favorite beach. So much so, it’s often referred to as The Dog Beach.

At this little beachy paradise, four legged friends are welcome at all hours of the day. Overlooking the Port of San Luis Obispo, no other place has views of wagglin’ tails and parked sail boats.


Pirate’s Cove

Leave the kids at home for this one. The most controversial beach, but perhaps the most adventurous, is Pirate’s Cove. This clothing-optional beach is a private secluded beach tucked away from the main road.

A bit of caution: in order to get to this exclusive beach, you must trek down a steep and windy path. Again, it’s more for the bit adventurous.